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Window Air Conditioner – A Cool Tool for Hot Summer Days

Surpassing the objectives endued to them, windows air conditioners are most favored among those trying to relieve from the tensions of the hellish summer days, for being a cost-effective choice and inducing less operational costs.

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Window Air Conditioner - for Smaller Living Spaces

As centralized air conditioning units distribute cool air to wider areas and are expensive to operate, window air conditioners fair exceptionally well by being flexible enough and cooling individual rooms. They can be easily installed onto the windows of the rooms to be cooled, and efficiently expel warm air.There are horizontal and vertical window air conditioners. Horizontal units are the ones installed onto the normal windows and vertical units are the ones that can be turned sideways to use at rooms with sliding windows. Unlike the central ac systems, window air conditioners are almost free from leakages.Window air conditioners remove both heat and humidity. Humid air passes through the refrigerant coils of the conditioners, and gets condensed. As this happens at frequent intervals, the room gets dampened and clammy, leaving you uncomfortable. Hence choose an air conditioner proportionate to your room and have your room windows measured before buying one. To conserve energy and preserve the AC for longer use, its filters need to be cleaned regularly. Those with slide out filters can be easily maintained. The models with 6000 BTU (British Thermal Units) are found to be quiet window air conditioners.

Casement Window Air Conditioner - Perfect Fits

Casement window air conditioners are vertical air conditioners with a mounting assembly to keep them supported in casement windows and to mount them securely. It comes with a plastic slider frame with side vents and sill brackets for proper filling. Being drafty and exposed like the normal window air conditioner units, it is prudent to remove the air conditioner during winter to avoid infiltration of cool air through the vents, especially when it does not possess heating functions. Some casement air conditioners have fins to direct the flow of cool air to different directions, enabling quick cooling of the room. Concisely, they save on electricity bills, by not having to cool the entire house like the central AC units to cool a single room.

Window Air Conditioner with Heat Settings

Multifunctional window air conditioners with heat settings are good to go throughout the year. Operating the cooling function during summer and the heating function during winter, these units use condensers and evaporators for the two way functions. During summer, the evaporator cools the air by absorbing heat and releasing hot air through the condenser. The cycle repeats until the room is properly cooled. During winter, the evaporator absorbs outside heat and releases it to the condenser that releases warm air to the room.With the ongoing global warming troubles, an air conditioner is definitely a boon to households in retaining a comfortable atmosphere.

Written by Simon Harris

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