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Window Décor – To Beautify the Rooms and Interiors

Windows can now be fashionably dressed in different covering styles to not just complement the room’s interior but also to reduce heat, filter light, and offer privacy in a trendy way. Attractive and exquisite treatment options include curtains, shutters, fabric panels, window films, blinds and a lot more.


Window Décor - Styles to Enhance Interiors

The beaded curtains work very well for windows that face exactly on the eastern or western directions at home. When the sun shines, the string of crystal glass beads tends to radiate rainbow-colored beams along the floor which create a fanciful atmosphere. Another window décor are the inside shutters which generally work best on windows that has a wall clearance on the sides allowing the shutters to be easily opened and rest on the wall. The antique stained glass is one more popular window décor that is perfect to be hung on windows that homemaker does not open. The said glass window is suspended from chains atop the window casing, and drapes are then placed to cover the window opening. The fabric panels, on the other hand, consist of the conventional line draperies along with sheer or lace panels. This particular window accessory commonly promotes privacy, and adds weight as well as texture to the rooms.

Window Cover - Popular Window Shade Types

The Roman window cover is a classical covering type that is made from flat or relaxed fabric styles. This type generally creates those smooth and evenly folded bases that thicken when the shade rises. The cellular shades, on the other hand, are known to be simply stylish and add insulation layers to the home like the honeycombs. The balloon window shade type is the kind that appears to spread out at the bottom when raised, while the blackouts are common in bedrooms and are generally used to keep the light from filtering to the room. Finally, the automatic window cover is a system installed which provides lifting application where any window shade type can be raised or lowered through a remote control.

Window Decorating Ideas - Customary Options

Several window decorating ideas that have been widespread ever since are the window films and the curtains. The latter normally comes in numerous colors and designs which can work well with just any decorative theme. Usually, the darker window films lessen the sun’s glare. The former, on the other hand, is the typical means to cover windows as well as enhance room decorations. Here, large and brightly-colored curtains are recommended for small windows, while trendy tie-back laces or tie-off ropes are used. Other selections include the blinds and the shutters. Blinds may be installed with automatic motor for easier lifting application, while shutters are movable and can be put up inside or outside your home.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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