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Window Trim Ideas – Mouldings to Beautify Your Windows

Window trims are vital if you want to protect your windows or refurbish your drab looking room. The external and internal window trims besides being protective for your windows, add a touch of class and elegance to your home.


Window Trim Ideas - Tips to Decorate Windows

A good window trim will accentuate position, shape and size of your windows. You will often find elaborate window woodwork in period homes. Employing different window trim ideas helps to change the room’s character to produce a visual accent. To ensure longevity of window woodwork, stripping old paint and staining with gloss or satin finish is necessary. If your window molding has detailed and delicate carvings, you can paint the woodwork white and accentuate details by painting them as the wall color. You can also choose to be creative and use bold and striking colors and finishes. If your window trim is bland, you can replace them with molded or carved blocks and dress it up. Such window trim ideas help to make windows appear smaller or bigger.

Exterior Window Trim - Ideas for Protecting Windows

Having an exterior trim on your windows will help to seal openings from air and moisture. Framing windows depends upon the style of home. Ornate, big exterior window trim will be suitable for houses with a fancy exterior. Irrespective of the choice of idea, caulking it before flashing over the top scan is crucial to protect against still water. Create an uncluttered and simple look by obtaining a few spans of composite or wood exterior brick molding. Measure and use a miter saw to cut every piece. Nail all four sides to create a frame and subsequently paint the molding. Shutters give an old fashioned look as an exterior window trim. Wood shutters look better than ones made of vinyl but need maintenance. Cornices can be done in the form of crown molding, boxes or other designs but care has to be taken while designing them since sitting rainwater can rot them.

Interior Window Trim - Tips to Install

If you are planning to repair or replace your interior window trim, remove leftover caulking and check insulation around your window. Ensure the jamb’s inner edge and wall from flat surface for frame and minimize imperfections with circular or planer sander. Add molding strips and build a low jamb by sanding. The new trim will thereafter form a casing around the window. Determine the style of window trim you require - it could either be a Victorian corner block frame or butt-jointed frame or picture frame window with mitered corners. Prepare the ‘apron’ and ‘stool’ pieces for the frame’s bottom and complete the window sill. Make all measurements precisely leaving no room for deviations. Every piece should be sealed properly to keep moisture away.

Written by Lucy King

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