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Windows Curtains – Clothed Screens for Covering and Protection

Addition of basic accessories to the windows, like window screens, can change the overall look and feel of the entire area, and also plays a crucial aspect of interior decoration. Different patterns of curtains can be experimented to create a different appearance every time, when you change the screen.


Windows Curtains - Beautification Tips

Windows curtains and windows drapes can have an appreciable influence on the cosmetic value of the house. Different curtain patterns can be mixed up artfully to create a distinctive curtain design. When you want to try mix and match the pattern, you have to keep in mind the different colors that are being used for mixing. The size of the two patterns should also be almost identical. Geometric patterns like stripes, dots, checks with plaids, can also go well together. Sometimes colors of the opposite spectrum can be mixed to produce a colorful windows curtain. It is also pertinent to calculate the window size before stitching the windows curtains to avoid any wastes in the future. You can also combine different textures of fabrics for your screen to produce a mixed texture finish.

Window Decorating - Explicit Ideas

Several window decorating products are available in the market that adds elegance, style and sophistication for the windows. Window blinds are of immense importance that add look for the windows. A variety of window blinds including blinds made from bamboo is available in the market. Window blind with motors fitting that can raise and lower the shade with the touch of a remote is an electrifying experience. The curtain rods bring about a remarkable feel for the curtains. Curtain rods with LED lightings illuminate the drapes as well as our eyes. Valances are also used in kitchen windows that help to soften the angles of the cupboards and counter boards. A variety of drapes and sheers is a lovely window decorating idea.

Curtains Design - Types and Styles

There is an enormous selection of innovative curtains design that can redefine the traditional designs. Tab top designed curtains create a comfortable feeling at home. It consists of basic tabs or rectangular loops on the top portion of the curtain. It can further be decorated by sewing designer buttons on the tabs and adding lace around the edges. It can also be done by using beads and ribbons. Solid colored linen gives a dressy feel. Tier curtains are particularly common in kitchens. They allow sunlight to reach the kitchen thus giving the place a lively feeling. They are usually mounted on spring rods inside the frame of the window. Balloon curtains are an ideal choice for beautiful, dreamy bedrooms. Choose a different color shades for every room that are self expressive.

Written by Lucy King

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